Our Team


Operations Manager

Sales (at) TeamMazama (dot) com

Adam is proudly serving as the operations manager. He comes to Mazama with several years experience in customer service, retail sales, and small business management. He is a Glock Armorer and has a passion for modern firearms. He enjoys margaritas and long walks on the beach. In between trips to Cabo, Adam manages the daily operations and the company websites. If you have any questions about our online store www.TeamMazama.com, Please contact Adam.


Retail Manager

GunRoom (at) TeamMazama (dot) com

Erin, a well seasoned U.S.M.C. veteran, offers his expertise in several areas. Erin works at Mazama in charge of retail sales and team management. He is a proven team leader! Erin has a passion for many firearms including the AK-47 platform. Please do not move too fast around Erin. It triggers his lightning-fast “viking” defense reflexes.


Mazama Pro Staff

GunRoom (at) TeamMazama (dot) com

Steve, a life-long firearm aficionado, once ate Ramen for three months in order to pay for a gun he wanted. Steve is a Glock Armorer and AR-15 Armorer with 15 years experience in both federal and civilian law enforcement. Steve loves talking to people new to the sport and prides himself on the task of finding the right firearm for your needs. Although, all Team Mazama members are nice and friendly, Steve is the most friendly!


Firearms, Accessories and Collectible Expert

Jim is our resident Antique & Collectibles Expert. He has decades of experience in the firearm industry. (No Jim, we’re not referring to YOU as an “Antique”) Jim founded the business that ultimately became Mazama. He specializes in used firearms and antique weapons. He is a firearm appraiser and is available to advise estates and individuals on the current value of all types of firearms.

Born and raised in Roseburg, Jim attended the University of Oregon where he played football. Go Ducks!


Mazama Pro Staff

Christian comes to Mazama with over five years experience in retail sales. He has served as a Nikon Pro Staff Team Member. He is quite knowledgeable about optics and knives. He has a passion for old military guns from around the world. Christian is the most enthusiastic and energetic employee at Mazama. Come meet Christian, he is like a walking encyclopedia.

Dennis Wright

You were a good friend to many of us and you will not be forgotten.