Our Team


Operations Manager

Sales (at) TeamMazama (dot) com

Adam is proudly serving as the operations manager. He comes to Mazama with several years experience in customer service, retail sales, and small business management. He is a Glock Armorer and has a passion for modern firearms. He enjoys margaritas and long walks on the beach. In between trips to Cabo, Adam manages the daily operations and the company websites. If you have any questions about our online store www.TeamMazama.com, Please contact Adam.


Retail Manager

GunRoom (at) TeamMazama (dot) com

Erin, a well seasoned U.S.M.C. veteran, offers his expertise in several areas. Erin works at Mazama in charge of retail sales and team management. He is a proven team leader! Erin has a passion for many firearms including the AK-47 platform. Please do not move too fast around Erin. It triggers his lightning-fast “viking” defense reflexes.


Retail Assistant Manager and Guru

GunRoom (at) TeamMazama (dot) com

Steve, a life-long firearm aficionado, once ate Ramen for three months in order to pay for a gun he wanted. Steve is a Glock Armorer and AR-15 Armorer with 15 years experience in both federal and civilian law enforcement. Steve knows modern firearms like some kind of kung-fu gun ninja. We are always impressed by his abilities. Steve loves talking to people new to the sport and prides himself on the task of finding the right firearm for your needs. Although, all Team Mazama members are nice and friendly, Steve is the most friendly!


Fishing Dept. Magager 

Fishing (at) TeamMazama (dot) com

Curtis comes to Mazama from Alaska where he commercial fished on the ocean for Halibut and other tasty sea life. He is eager to provide you with outstanding customer service and help you to find the right fishing gear to meet your needs.

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Mazama Pro Staff – Gunsmith

GunRoom (at) TeamMazama (dot) com

Erik earned his Certificate and Associate of Arts degree in Gunsmithing from Trinidad State, a premier gunsmithing school in Colorado.

In 2017, Erik graduated Magna Cum Laude and first in his gunsmithing class. He learned from three of the most renowned gunsmiths in the country, Glen Morovits, Ryan Newport, and Bill Sturtavent.

While at Trinidad State, Erik specialized in firearm repair, making custom stocks, custom 1911 smithing, and accurizing rifles.

​In 2018, Erik worked for and apprenticed with Stan Chen of Stan Chen Customs, one of the most well known top-of-the-line custom 1911 makers in the country.

Come on in and meet Erik. He would love to help you in the best way possible.


Mazama Pro Staff

GunRoom (at) TeamMazama (dot) com

Justin is the quiet type. But don’t let that fool you. This guy knows firearms! Justin loves helping customers with custom build questions and helping you to find the right firearms to meet your needs. Come down and meet Justin, he would love to assist you in the coolest way possible.


Mazama Pro Staff

GunRoom (at) TeamMazama (dot) com

Anthony, an Army veteran, comes to Mazama with more energy than we can keep up with. This guy gets things done! We appreciate his enthusiasm and drive. Anthony loves everything about Fishing and Firearms. He loves talking to customers and offering his very best advice. Come meet Anthony and soon you’ll see why we nicknamed him “Turbo”. He is very eager to help you.


Mazama Pro Staff

GunRoom (at) TeamMazama (dot) com

Neil is a mystery to us. We don’t know where he came from or even who hired him exactly. He just showed up one day and told us that he works here now. So we let him. He seems to know what he’s doing. And the customers love him! So we’re happy to have him. Come meet Neil in person. We can’t post his picture online because it violates some ancient beliefs and we don’t want to spoil a good thing. Neil loves helping customers!

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Mazama Pro Staff

GunRoom (at) TeamMazama (dot) com

Sayyid has three loves in life, animals, firearms and the culinary arts. He especially loves CZ firearms from the Czech Republic. Sayyid is a super friendly and compassionate guy. He loves talking with customers and helping them to find the best gear to meet their needs. Come on in and meet Sayyid and you’ll see why we love having him on our team.


Firearms, Accessories and Collectible Expert

Jim is our resident Antique & Collectibles Expert. He has decades of experience in the firearm industry. (No Jim, we’re not referring to YOU as an “Antique”) Jim founded the business that ultimately became Mazama. He specializes in used firearms and antique weapons. He is a firearm appraiser and is available to advise estates and individuals on the current value of all types of firearms.

Born and raised in Roseburg, Jim attended the University of Oregon where he played football. Go Ducks!

Dennis Wright

You were a good friend to many of us and you will not be forgotten.